Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Glimpse

In case you ever wondered at the oddity of mine and Robin's friendship, here is something that may either confuse you more or give you a glimpse inside. Obviously, this email string started long before the few bits I'm posting, and obviously, there were other email strings going on (we really WORK when we're at work, don't we?), but they were either insignificant or too sensitive in nature to be posted. Enjoy what you've got here. Oh, and I'm too lazy to insert Robin's link . . you guys know her blog and if you don't - find it on the blogroll.

Me: Okay So I'm sitting in here laughing like a loon about that twi lilly email I just sent you.
Just so you know where I was and what I was doing when they took me to the state mental hospital.
Why was that SO funny to me?

Robin: Exactly where did you come up with TWI LILLY??

Me: It's at the end of the song.
Ying and Yang (ha ha) keep going: Twi lilly, twi LILLY. Twi lilly, twi LILLY.

Robin: I appear to have missed that part, even after repeated listenings

Me: Which now means you will go home and listen to the song to verify the truth of my lyrical decipherations.

Robin: Quite naturally

Me: Ever start to think we have a weird friendship?

Robin: No. why, do you?

Me: I think it's . . . . Atypical.

Robin: How is that?

Me: This is so Golden Girls . . . But nobody else gets me like you do.
And you're the only one I can be THIS weird with.

Robin: Aw sugar- my eyes just got all fluttery. And just so we're clear, you're the only one I can honestly talk about this weirdness with. And I haven't told anyone else about the other thing- which will make sense when you read the other email string. I can't have ordinary folk knowing that. Also, I love the golden girls. WE SHOULD ALL strive to be the golden girls. Okay, so I think you should be Blanche. Blanche had more layers than people give her credit for.

Me: I'm so down with being Blanche.
Cheesecake next Monday???
I can't address the fluttery eyes thing cause I teared up writing that email.
How was I lucky enough to find you Freshman year?

Robin: We are being very sentimental today, have you noticed. Besides, it wasn't luck, it was fate. I don't believe in this one soulmate nonsense. I believe in people, sometime just a few sometimes a whole stadium, whose souls mesh ours. And yes, cheesecake next Monday. I will have to stop by starbucks so I can have some yummy coffee with it because NOTHING beats cheesecake and coffee.

Me: Yeah, I noticed. Think we're okay?
Ummm cheesecake.
Nice soulmate summary.

Robin: Yes, we're fine. I'm sad about XXXXXXXXX. You're sad about XXXXXXX. And various others. Mid twenties life crisis day!

Me: Maybe we should buy something.

Robin: Because sliding further into debt makes ME feel better (she says with sarcasm) :)

Me: Hi
I'm Brittany
Have we met?
Obviously not if you think I'm not the synchronized swimming champion of the debt pool.

Robin: Oooooh that was a lovely analogy. I mean, seriously.

Me: I think we're both on our A game today with our snide comment, snippy writing, witty things to be said jottings.

Robin: I'm all over that A game. I'm so all over that A game I got a big fat scarlet A tattooed on my wrist, just for fun.

Me: You just got demoted to the B team. Congrats.

Robin: See, I knew it was possible.

Me: That's my little over-under, basket weaving, keep em guessing achiever. (pats her on head)
Robin: On our way to our respective cars the other day, my boss asked me if I was the kind of kid that lied to other kids about the grades I made, because I didn't want to seem too smart. I had to laugh because is it REALLY that obvious I'm a total freak?
He said: Yes, actually, it is.

Me: Oh wow. Think that goes for both of us, or do I hide it better?

Robin: No, it must be completely obvious for all the world to see. My thoughts, anyway.

Me: We've been living in denial. Hmmm . . .and nothings changed with this realization. Go figure.
Robin: I'm perfectly happy in Denialville. They have good margaritas here.

Me: Yes, but the dating pool sucks.
Men in denial are all fat, bald or have short, not stubby, third legs.

Robin: And the women in denial are all wicked hot, naturally.


Drunken Chud said...

damn fatists. denial made me fat!

Coyote Mike said...

Chud's right, denial made him fat.

Actually, B, you and Robin sound alot like my freshman dorm roommate. We used to stand next to the door to the stairwell and make inside jokes at people walking past.

Carl from L.A. said...

So that explained my weight gain.

Adam said...

Dagnammit, I was a Robin of my own.

Anonymous said...

Who'd they freeze, Doc?
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