Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Not Crazy; I'm Just a Bit "Touched in the Head"

My Christmas Tree is still up.

Covered in Snowbabies and burgundy balls, the 7’, pre-lit monstrosity is still standing and making my relatively spacious living room seem small.
Ally insists it’s “cozy”, I insist it’s “cramped”.
But regardless of the adjectives, the tree will remain – at least a bit longer.

Just call me the Holiday Miss Havisham.
Be grateful that I didn’t stop the clocks in my house to reflect the time it was erected and adopt a daughter to teach my Christmas obsessed ways to.

I can not bring myself to take it down.
I have good intentions. I honestly do.
I pulled out the Rubbermaid containers holding each Snowbaby’s individual box and began to identify their corresponding ornaments on the tree.
I removed the first ornament and began to put it in the box . . .
But then something compelled me to hang it back on the tree.
And fluff some of the branches.
Oh . . . and put on one of the Christmas albums I received as a surprise gift.

Yeah, I know, I’ve lost it.
Call the men with their butterfly nets and send them to outfit me in a straight jacket, preferably black - - it is my signature color.

I deserve to be locked away. If for no other reason than I’m becoming one of those people I make fun of.
You know the ones that still have their Christmas lights hanging sadly from their eaves in March and you drive by and think “Could you be more lazy? Get out there and take that stuff down, man!”

I do, at least, close my blinds before I plug in the lights thus ensuring my neighbors can’t see that I’ve become some deranged Christmas addict/lunatic.
I keep the stereo at a moderate volume to disguise the sounds of caroling.
And I did finally remove the berry garlands from my console and dining room tables.
As well as the sit around decorations. But the tree and the music, I’m not as willing to give up.

I’ve given myself until the next major commercial holiday to take it down.

Do me a favor and check on me at Valentine’s. If the tree is still up, I will seek psychiatric care.


Not so little Woman said...

I think it's fine to want to keep it up longer, I too am a X-mas freak. Just don't be like one of my college roommates, who one year kept all the Christmas decorations until Easter. I was only allowed to take them down when under the pretext that my family was visiting, I said I had to clean the house from top to bottom and the decorations would need to be moved.

Ang said...

Thank god I am not the only one!!

I just got mine down the other week, and I think that was only cause my cleaning lady was starting to get annoyed having to clean around it!

Walter said...

Dear Noelle Havisham,
Keeping the tree up is an auspicious sign, a herald for "great expectations" in this new year. Sorry, I just had to say that. :)

The Duck said...

I just got the wreaths out of the windows, and the lights off the house last weekend, but that was mostly due to laziness I must admit. I think it's okay to leave the tree up as long as it's a fake one. I'd worry if you had a big brown fire hazard in there all droopy and losing needles.

Jason said...

I think it's kinda sweet. There is nothing like the spirit of the Christmas season, and if you can hold on to even a bit of it, then why not.

(PS: I do not consider VD a major holiday. So you're good 'til Arbor Day.)

Carl from L.A. said...

Consider devil worshippers who put up satanic paraphernalia year round, an extended season for Christmas decoration is comparatively mild.

We took down the lights and packed up our Christmas decorations before Jan 1 to make way for Chinese New Year.

meghansdiscontent said...

NSLW - Welcome! I assure you that it will NOT be here that late. Honestly, if it's not down by Valentine's . . . I'll call in professionals.

Ang - Oh honey, puh-lease! Like you would be the only one! What kills me is that you cared what your cleaning lady thought. I'm sure my maid hates it . . but the tree is still standing. She'll work around it. That's why I pay her.

Walter - Always with the smart aleck comments. :) I'm just glad someone got my Dickens reference!

The Duck - OMG! Umm . . yeah, I totally even forgot I had those plug in candles in my windows! They're STILL there! I didn't see them because the blinds are closed to keep others from seeing my Christmas Tree. Oh MAN.

Jason - Aw! You're a peach! My tree really means a lot to me this year. I don't want to take it down, at all, but I will. Ummm . . and ummm . . when exactly IS Arbor Day??

Carl - You realize your first sentence scared me, right? :) As for the second, maybe I would take it down if I had some incentive or some help, but right now all I have is the memory of putting it up . . . and part of me knows that taking the tree down will allow the memory to start to fade a little around the edges - like an old photograph. I'm not ready for that yet.

Mr Shife said...

I don't feel so bad now. Ours made it from the house to the backyard and has been hanging out on our deck for about a month. Heck you might as well turn it into an experiment and see how long you can go.

meghansdiscontent said...

Shifey - You guys are just making me feel worse! :) At least yours is outside and now has PURPOSE! Mine is just shining here in a sad form of memorial.

Sizzle said...

nooooooooo! ha ha. i posted about my neighbors who still have their tree up and how it drives me nuts because i don't want it to be christmas anymore. if you have it up on 2/14 i am calling the authorities. ;)