Monday, March 12, 2007

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Come Stand By Me

I hate scorching Arkansas days where it hurts to breathe, your skin glistens and your feet burn from the blacktop boiling under your shoes

I hate empty nights where sleep teases you briefly then leaves you awake in the void haunted by fears and worries you can’t name

I hate books that ramble with the prose of a pretentious writer who confused some poor editor into publishing him

I hate songs whose words don't match the notes

I hate my hair when it blows into my face and sticks in my lipstick or begins to fade to the blonde I was born with

I hate gossips whose lives are so insignificant that they feel they must talk about people they don’t know

I hate commas and periods and semicolons and stops of any kind tonight

I hate emotions that are there hiding under the surface bubbling slowly up but trapped unidentifiable under my skin

I hate people who have no experience no training no knowledge of what I do but seem to think they can do my job and do it better than myself

I hate

I simply hate


Burg said...

I hate clowns..

Stupid clowns.

Dan said...

can i join in just because? not related to you, but i hate women who tease and then disappear. email me... i'll link you to my secret blog.

Jon said...

Oh, how I can relate to you on all of this. I was going to say "I can relate to how you hate", but it sounded too much like Dr. Seuss meets Marilyn Manson.

Walter said...

I hate passing gas in public and finding out the coast wasn't clear.

I hate being in a rush to go to the restroom and after the deposit is made finding you're out of tp.

I hate my morning breath.

I hate the bathroom scale that speaks with a forked tongue.

I hate typing things I hate.

Bejeweled said...

I did a "I hate" list a while back. Feels good to vent frustrations and aggravations. I could add a whole other list of "I hates"... but I hate that I can't get motivated!

meghansdiscontent said...

Burg - I'm with you. Clowns are Scuh-Air-EEEE. Killer Klowns from Outer Space messed. me. up. as a kid.

Dan - I love how you clarify that with "not related to you." :) And of course you can join in.

Jon - Marilyn, good (musically), Dr. Seuss good. Combination, not so grand.

Walter - Ewww . . must you go to the bodily function section of hate?

Jewels - Amen, it does feel better to get it all out. Though, at the moment, I wish I had saved it for today! I have a few more to add, now. Sadness. Because I had been working on an "I love . . . " list this morning.

Traveling Chica said...


Bad day?

I hate being judged based on what society deems important;

I hate feeling and being needy from time to time;

I hate people who make me feel that way;

I hate people who don't return phone calls after numerous attempts to reach them;

I hate people who only call when they want something;

I hate anyone who is so rude they can't smile.

Eunuch said...

Don't's unbecoming of you.

Jason said...

I hate when someone is nice to my face but not behind my back.

I hate when the car wash cuts off just before I'm done rinsing off the soap, and I have to put a whole other $1.25 in for ten seconds.

I hate traffic.

I hate when my girlfriend has a point.

Bone said...

I hate that Elizabeth doesn't tell Lucky her baby isn't his!

coyotemike said...

We all have things and people we hate. It's natural to be that way.

I hate people who can't tell the difference between whether and weather, too to and two, their they're and there. And I hate that these idiots will still somehow get a college degree.

I hate people who come up (sometimes randomly) and say things like:
Jesus loves you
I'm praying for you
Have you found Jesus?

But I love how mad they get when I respond (in order):
Oh yeah? Well, he fucking hates you!
Well stop it, it's not working!
Yes, he was behind the refigerator, smoking a joint and reading Playboy.

I hate parents who take their kids shopping, then let them basically ignore them in the store (no, this doesn't have to do with your last post, but with this lady I just saw who brought three kids into the cafe and one of them who was about 4 years old decided to climb on the counter, reach over, and stick his finger into the salad fixins)

And I hate that my nipples are showing through this new shirt!

But I gots Hugs for you. :)

Steph said...

I'll stand by you. You can hate and I'll say "Yeah, what she said" and throw stones at people. Mkay?