Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Like Sands Through the Hourglass . . .

. . . So Are the Days of Our Therapy Lives.

Previously on Days:

Ernie pushed for the hiring of his Occupational Therapy mentor Bert. Once taken on, Ernie and Bert were inseparable, until (dah dah dah) Bert insulted Ernie's wife and his friend. Weeks of silence and seething anger ensued. Bert, at his wit's end, resorted to a candle lit dinner and a romantic movie. Ernie was swayed back into his arms.

Today's episode:

Bert comes in to find that Ernie has not made the lemonade he prefers, but has instead made a green tea blend. He furrows his brow, but remains silent. Refusing to admit something is amiss.

Ernie, obviously put off by something, stomps heavily around the therapy office until his wife can take no more:

Wife: "Alright, Ernie, enough. What's the deal, pickle?"

Ernie: "What are you talking about?"

Wife: "You're stomping around like an elephant and biting everyone's head off. What bee is buzzing around your bonnet?"

Bert looks up from his desk, stares in their direction, then realizes he shouldn't look interested. He shuffles papers on his desk and makes notes in margins, trying vainly to look disinterested and otherwise occupied. However, his ears remain perked up like dogs'.

Ernie: "SOMEONE said they would call last night with the information on LP. But I guess SOMEONE had more important things to do than his or her actual job."

The wife turns her head to look at Bert. Always the peacekeeper she attempts to repair the rift.

Wife: "Bert, did you forget to give Ernie the billing information for LP last night?"

Bert, still trying to seem like he's not been eavesdropping, replies: "Hunh? Did you ask me something?"

Corey gets a disgusted look on his face and practically screams: "Don't play stupid, Bert! You heard her! If this job means so little to you that you can't carry out the simplest of tasks, maybe you should work elsewhere."

*Did anyone else mishear that last sentence as "If this relationship means so little to you, maybe I should forget the whole affair, return to my female wife and banish you from this office FOREVER." Or is that just me?*


Traveling Chica said...

Um, I think that's what I heard.

But I'll admit to being more than a little confused.

Burg said...

You work on Sesame Street?

Coyote Mike said...

I heard something else, but it involved going into storage closets and had something to do with a rubber duck . . . I think I need to get my hearing checked.

Not so little Woman said...

eh? This must be an American person reference, because I didn't get the analogies. I do see the parallel with your question and the dialogue at the end, though.

Carl from L.A. said...

Office soap sometimes is better than the ones on TV.

Johnny DC said...

Sounds like a scene from

When Postal Workers Go Nuts


Ang said...

Just wanted to say 'hi'. Been missing you. I hope to be back a little more consitantly!

Johnny said...

I've seen everything on Days except for Marlena having sex with a doggie, and I might have missed that episode.

That show is da bomb.