Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You would think that after four weeks, one would grow accustomed to having no ceiling fan in the bedroom. You would be wrong. It is still stiflingly hot and I've been counting the seconds until the maid service was to have an electrician install the new fan. Today was the day. Or, it was supposed to be.

In theory - the electrician was supposed to arrive at 10 this morning, in conjunction with the maid, to install the ceiling fan while the service was cleaning.

In reality - neither the electrician NOR the maid showed up and no one felt it pertinent to contact me. I had a less than stellar day at work and was greatly looking forward to coming home to a clean, brand-new-fan-having house. Instead, I walked in to find stagnant air and dusty surfaces. Woe is me. I call the service and discover my maid is sick, the electrician had to postpone until Friday and no one notified me because . . . well, I still haven't worked that out in my mind. I only know that no one contacted me and no one offered any explanations when I called. They just assured me that Friday morning my new fan will be installed and my house will be spic-and-span. And, because of my inconvenience, it will all be free.

Free. Free is good.


TC said...

Free is awesome :)

Jon said...

I like free. My grandfather always said, "If it's free take it, even if you have to throw it away".

Not so little Woman said...

Yup. Free is very good. Sp. when it involves cleaning. :)