Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Don't See Nothin' Wrooonnng . . . With a Little Bump and Grind

Excuse the early 90's (possibly late 80's, but SURELY not) R. Kelley lyrics. I know it's wrong, but I like his music. Just his music. Not his taste in women, ahem, I mean girls.

I've given up on the stupid elliptical crap this week and have abandoned all hope of laps in the pool uninterrupted. Excuse me while I mutter to myself about home-owner's associations and liability and can't be allowed in the pool without a lifeguard present during regular pool hours and nevermind that I was a lifeguard for five years and a swim team coach and I still teach swimming lessons but whatever *urgh*.

Where was I?
Oh, yes.
I've given up on the stupid elliptical.
I'm tired of working my butt off to stare at the same paint on the wall every day.
If I'm going to move, I prefer to actually move every now and again. Move in the sense of from one place to another.

Therefore, I've dragged out the best video work-out EVAARRR.
And by best I, of course, mean probably burns fewer than 100 calories, the music that was once hot is now cheesy and out-dated and why did I ever think Eric was attractive, but still this video is nothing but fun and will forever epitomize my Freshman year of college where almost my entire dorm had the video and we would get together in groups to work out to it . . oh dear, I've said to much, stopping now.

Anywho . . . I will not be on that stupid machine again for at least a week.
Instead I will be working out to: drumroll please

MTV's The Grind Workout: Hip Hop Aerobics circa 1995.

You know anything that was already three years old when you STARTED doing it is bound to be timeless. Oh yeah, baby. Tae-Bo ain't got nuttin' on this.


Burg said...

I wondered if anyone bought that! LOL

If it's exercise you want, you can always come and chase my rugrats!

meghansdiscontent said...

Oh yeah, someone bought it!

And almost every single female in my Freshman dorm.

I chase rugrats all day, trust me, I know about that workout. I just need something a little more stress-relieving when I get home. :)

Miss Natalie said...

I love that era of music - I'm going to be singing R Kelly all day *blush*

But, who is Eric? I'm thinking a guy from NKOTB...?

TC said...

I have to say... I'm gonna stick to the elliptical, lol.

meghansdiscontent said...

Miss Natalie - Wow, you made me do some research. In my addled mind I had made Eric Nies out to be some old MTV veejay, but apparently his claim to fame (other than The Grind workout video) was as a cast member of The Real World and a male model. Who knew?!

TC - Aww, come on! Mix it up a little. Man cannot live by bread alone! :)

Jon said...

MTV's The Grind?? Wow, haven't thought of that in a really long time.
The job, despite the stress, is enough of a workout for me. I've actually gained a lot of muscle tone from it, since everything I lift is about 40-60 pounds.
Also, I'm one of those people whose metabolism is on hyperdrive.

Carl from L.A. said...

A good workout should never be a chore. I'm sure The Grind wasn't.

meghansdiscontent said...

Jon - Must you make me begin to hate you?

Carl - The Grind is never a chore. :)

TC said...

Ah, but see, I just discovered that Saved by the Bell reruns are on at 6 am, so I'm loving the elliptical with them on :)

Jason said...

Oh, phew! At first I thought you were heading towards Sweatin' To The Oldies.

Phew. Really. I'd have been forced to stop reading. After I laughed heartily, of course :)