Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Temporary Insanity

For just three seconds yesterday I was besieged with the need to run out and purchase the Spice Girls album that played on repeat in my car's tape deck for a month my Sophomore year of High School.

Look, I never claimed that I'd always had good taste. And, if we're being honest, I've always been so schizophrenic in my music tastes that it shouldn't surprise anyone that the next month my tape of choice was God Lives Underwater.

My point being that, no matter how bad it is for us, we sometimes long for something from our past. Most of the time it's a flight of fancy that will never be followed through on, but we still have those momentary pangs of desire for something we once had.

I should also admit that a few months ago the SO and I were in a used CD store and he laughed as he held up a Mariah Carey CD and said, "Maybe we should get this." I'm not sure I've ever told him that I desperately wanted to and wonder now if I went there next weekend, would there still be a used copy for $4.99? crosses fingers

Hello! That tape was the first present I unwrapped at my tenth birthday party before heading to the Roller Rink to be pushed around in a Giant Skate while they played my song of choice: New Kids On the Block's immortal hit Covergirl.

I have no idea what I was attempting to say in this post - other than I have, in the past, had horrendous music tastes. Oh, and that I sometimes long for the things of my past. Like certain Judy Blume books or that feeling of dread and excitement that overtook me at the beginning of every swim meet and, of course, that one Spice Girls album that everyone secretly loved but few of us admit to.

Random Aside:

When and Why did Posh go blonde?? Did she not realize that as a dark brunette she was one of the most gorgeous women in the world and now she just looks like some trashy OC divorcee? What's next . . a boob job? Posh, dear, you were the only classy thing in that group. Come back to us. Re-dye your hair before the Spice Girls tour kicks off in December. I'm sure even Becks would agree.


Jon said...

Wow. That took a lot of guts to admit to liking the Spice Girls. Ok, fine. I've got one track of theirs on my PC, as well as a few other musical skeletons on my hard drive.

meghansdiscontent said...

Oh yeah, I'm one ballsy broad. :) Oooh, can I guess which song it is??

Jon said...

I'll spoil it. "Wannabe". It's damned catchy. If I want to torture the wife, I think that's the song that'd do it.

TC said...

I refuse to believe that NKOTB was bad music.