Sunday, July 08, 2007


So much for that newfound love of delayed gratification.
Though, in my defense, it wasn't truly my fault.

I opened all my presents last night at 9:00.
Not because I couldn't wait another second . . .
But because my family had to leave unexpectedly and wouldn't be here for my actual birthday.
And because I wanted them to see everything I'd gotten.

So, here it is, my actual birthday and I find myself without a gift to open.

I'm wondering if it will be just as exciting to re-wrap then re-open the presents?
Or perhaps I should take him shopping with me and make him buy me things? :)
I would never do that. And by never I mean, I would but I don't want to seem like that kind of girl on here with you strangers.

I think I'll go with the re-wrap and re-open the presents gig.
It should go along nicely with my plan to make my own birthday cake!

Woo hoo!

*Don't feel too badly for me.
My actual birthday party has yet to occur.
Each year my friend Cammie and I have our parties together since our birthdays are two days apart. I anticipate a few more presents. However, I am slightly dismayed that I have nothing to open on my actual birthday and no one to fault for that but myself.*


Dan said...

Hey... at least you got presents!

Bejeweled said...

Happy birthday sweets! Presents or no presents, it's YOUR day. Hope you got everything you wanted.

TC said...

Awww, happy birthday! Hope you had a great day! :)

Jon said...

Well, at least you opened them early for a good reason. Guess I spoke too soon...

meghansdiscontent said...

Dan - Yes, yes I did! :) I'll list them below since you asked on the other post!

Bejeweled - HEY!!! Good grief! I've been worried about you, girlie! I emailed you about a month back, a response (albeit a late one) to one of your emails and never heard back. Glad to see you're still among the living!

TC - Thanks! I had a wonderful day!

Gifts were:

From the 'rents:

A cargo cover/blind type thingee to cover up the cargo area of my SUV so no one can look through the back window and see what all I have stuffed in my vehicle.

A gorgeous decorative metal bowl for the center of my dining room table.

A swimsuit cover-up.

From my brother:

A DVD player since mine went on the blink months back and I refused to buy another one.

From the SO:

My favorite (and his, incidentally) perfume.

A teamshirt for HIS football team of choice . . I think he's trying to convert me! :)

Dierks Bentley's newest CD.

An entire weekend of "anything you want, baby, it's your birthday".

Dinner with my family last night.

Lunch at my favorite restaurant today.

And two of the sweetest/sexiest cards I've ever read in my life. :)

meghansdiscontent said...

Jon - Urgh! One always sneaks in when you're trying to answer! Yes, I opened them for a very good reason . .. but I wouldn't have opened them otherwise and THAT's the important thing - right?? :)

meghansdiscontent said...

Oh, urgh, I forgot something else that the SO got me that was kinda funny:

Inside the larger bag with the Team Tee and the perfume was an attractive little purselike bag with pink flowers and white handles. I pulled it out and said something akin to, "Oh baby! How cute! I love it!" and he piped up quickly with, "Oh, that was free. I know you didn't think I could pick out something like that on my own!" This, of course, sent my family and friends into spasms of laughter and I kissed him soundly before saying, "Baby, you don't admit to those things, you just take the credit for doing them. You never have to admit that something was free!"

Though, I would have figured it out, considering it has the Clinique emblem on it! :)

Burg said...

You say it's your birthday.... It's my birthday too!!

Seriously.. Today is also my birthday. Hope yours was a good one!

coyotemike said...

Happy Birthday. I haven't opened a birthday present on my actual birthday in years. My parents, a few weeks beforehand, will ask me if there is anything I need, and then will go take me shopping for whatever it is (this year I got a SWEET set of silverware) and my sister has decided not to exchange gifts anymore.

meghansdiscontent said...

Burg - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you got everything you wanted!

Coyote Mike - I think your sister has the right idea. Though it's the thought that counts, I'm about tired of my thought counting five times as much as my brother's every year! :)

Jason said...

Happy belated birthday, Megs.

meghansdiscontent said...

Thank you, Jason. Very much.