Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Are Some of the Best Men Imaginary?

One of my favorite movie characters is from a movie few of you will know, but all of you should:

Steve Dunne played by Campbell Scott in the 1992 cinematic classic Singles.

Cameron Crowe did an amazing job creating the character of Steve and writing his lines. If Steve Dunne were a real man, I would want to marry him. Why? Because he says things like this:

Talking to his friends about Linda:
If I had a personal conversation with God, I would ask him to create this girl.

Calling Linda for the first time after meeting her:
Linda Powell? Steve Dunne. Hey, yeah, I met you... 61 hours ago. Yeah, that was me. Listen, uh, do you want to get some dinner? Uh, how about some lunch? No lunch. Coffee? Water? How about some water? I'll meet you where you're already having lunch, and we'll have some water.

What he says to Linda when she answers the door to an unexpected visit from Steve:
I was just... nowhere near your neighborhood.

Explaining his upbringing in regards to relationships:
My dad left home when I was eight. You know what he said to me? Have fun, stay single. I was eight.

Trying to comfort Linda when she thinks she might have accidentally gotten pregnant:
I'm probably sterile. It runs in my family.

Steve is just that right combination of awkward, endearing, honest and beguiling. He's unsure when it comes to women, but he knows that he's unsure and he hangs it all out there anyway!

I want a man to tell me: I was just nowhere near your neighborhood.
In a completely, non-stalkerish, cute and sexy kind of way.

I don't think that's too much to ask.


Jon said...

That's not too much to ask at all. It's still one of my favorite movies, for some reason.

Jason said...

I'm sure some guy might tell you that if you didn't lock all the doors, turn off all the lights, and stay out of view of the windows so no one will know you're at home ;)

Chris said...

Cameron Crowe is brilliant. I'll have to watch Singles again soon.

Sizzle said...

that is not too much to ask!

i adore campbell scott. he's the best part of that movie for me. :)

Dan said...

Well, I *am* nowhere near your neighborhood. Is that close enough?

meghansdiscontent said...

Jon - I'm unsure what to thank you for first: Your agreement that it's not too much to ask for OR the fact that you know what movie I'm talking about! :)

Jason - Hmmm . . . for the right guy I could be tempted to "be" home. I do have a secret place where no one can see me, but I can see my front door . . . and whomever is at it.

Chris - I was thinking the exact same thing as I was typing this entry!

Sizzle - I knew I adored you for a good reason! I agree that Campbell Scott is the best part of the movie. Though, Bridget Fonda's character is a close second. I love her list of what she was looking for in a man and what she has now decided to settle for. Gesundheit!

Dan - Doesn't count unless your standing in my doorway saying it. Sorry!!! :)

TC said...

It shouldn't be too much to ask, but so far, I've found in my life it is.

I can still hope though.