Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hell Yawns Before Me

Do you ever read someone else's blog entry - or even mine - and think, wow, I have absolutely nothing positive to say here. I don't want them to think that no one is reading their blog, but at the same time I think it's rude and downright uncouth to leave critical or meanspirited comments on someone else's blog. It's their blog. They should be able to say whatever they want. No matter how longwinded, misspelled or flat-out ignorant.


I did contemplate leaving this on someone's blog the other day: "Wow. Congratulations. You've said less in more words than anyone I've ever known. Way to use the dictionary!"

I decided that would seem bitchy so I just failed to leave a comment at all.
I think that was best.


the patient said...

Well, apparently you can't say anything on your blog... as I have just experienced.

Jon said...

So that explains why you haven't commented on mine in a while (Hopefully).
Same here. I hate for them to think that no one is reading it, but it's either nothing positive to say, or too early to think.

Jason said...

You should make a list of top ten ambiguous comments. Like, say, for example:

1. I'd love to see what you don't consider blog-worthy.

2. You've outdone yourself once again, as hard as that is for me or anyone else to believe.

3. Your words have a certain pattern to them, a droning if you will. They hypnotize me.

4. I'm speechless.

And of course, there's the always popular, "Nice template."


Sizzle said...

ha ha- that's a great comment but yeah, probably best you didn't leave it. i don't leave hurtful comments because i don't think they serve any real purpose. so i just go and tell someone else what i think! ;)