Thursday, August 30, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

Regardless of how it may seem on my blog, I actually display loads of patience in real life.
Notice I said display, that's not to imply that I have a lot of patience, I don't. But I keep my internal lack of patience . . well, internal.

I received this in an email from a friend this evening:

. . . so now the new house is chalk full of boxes of crap that I need to throw away but can't. It turns out I'm a packrat.

I read that portion three times and each time I sighed, rolled my eyes and thought "I never would have believed it, but she's probably one of these people that thinks they put their clothes in a Chester Drawers."

Pet Peeve #372:
People who use phrases they don't know the meanings or origins of, nor the spelling of.

Chock or Chuck (if you're in less formal areas) Full is derived from Choke-full: meaning something or someone was full to the point of choking. Over the centuries it has evolved to Chock-full or Choke-full.

But Chalk full??
That doesn't even make sense.
Unless you're talking about an eraser. Or possibly a resin bag.
I have no patience for this level of stupidity.

Tell me not to email her a link to this post.


TC said...

Or you know, it could be that someone was in a hurry and not really paying attention when they wrote something.

I dare say though, that often times people aren't quite as stupid as other people believe.

the patient said...

Don't email her a link to this post.

There. You told me to tell you. And that's just what I need. Someone to tell me to do things. I will of course resist, but will probably end up doing it. I no longer have any mind of my own.

And... I had to get this in... what do you expect. After all, you know where you live :-)

See anyone growing up in NY and who is of reasonable age such that they are now likely to die of a heart attack or skin cancer will know about chock full o' nuts coffee.

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't read that you were from the US I would have accused you of being one of those stick in the mud's from Europe...You aren't a transplant are you?

You do know that phrases like this happen all the time, getting slightly changed throughout history. It's what makes a language. It makes a culture and if your going to be cringing at that why don't you set foot inside a public high school in that big city of yours and read ANYTHING from a student...they write like they are texting, cannot explain why "u" is not a word, and would just love to spend some time with you after school for some of that helpful behavior you're throwing...

Thanks for the history lesson!

Not so little Woman said...

Yay!! Someone like me!! I'm also one with pet peeves about misuse of expressions or wrong spelling of things.

And TC has a point. Sometimes they're honest mistakes and we spelling lovers jump to conclusions.

Still, lovely to hear where the expression comes from.

Jon said...

Yeah, that's a pretty dumb move. Some people just need to stick to the basics.

meghansdiscontent said...

TC - Yeah, umm, not so much in this case. I talked to her later that night about it and she admitted she was a MO-ron. She'd always thought it was chalk-full. She was grateful for the history lesson. I didn't mean to imply SHE was stupid just that this was an ACT of stupidity on her part.

Patient - Thanks for following my orders so thoroughly. Now . . . send $250,000.00 to this address: Meghan Miller, 1853 Morrow Road, Conway, AR 72032. :) And I'm from Arkansas and I know it's chock-full, so . . now what?

Too Chicken to Leave a Name or a Link - No, I'm not a transplant. Born and raised in the U.S. and saddened and sickened by the decline of the English language - particularly in written form. You do realize that you're contradictory in your comment, right? At once explaining how this is how a language is formed, these subtle changes, then telling me to go teach the teenage texters what is right and what is wrong . . ummm, it can't be both ways. Also, and this is just an aside:

. . . culture and if your going to . . .

It's YOU'RE not your. :)

Not So - YAY! Us sticklers must stick together. I'm not usually SO militant about these things, I just let them fester inside me until one night I blow - and thankfully, that night, I blew on my blog. Isn't this the place we're supposed to be able to vent? Goodness knows that I'm lapsing into some poor spelling habits, of late, but I honestly would want someone to bring it to my attention so I could rectify it.

Jon - Amen! Thanks for your understanding and support!

the patient said...

You are going to have to tell me first where to get the $250,000.00...

downtown guy said...

Well, that's one possible origin of the phrase. Or it could have come from a couple of other sources.

But yeah, it ain't chalk.