Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why Not?

Well, here we go again, I'm going to attempt another 30 days straight of blogging. We'll see what crap manifests itself here.

For the first week, you'll get a political platform. One idea per day. Enjoy and understand that most of this is very tongue in cheek.

First up: The Legalization of All Drugs

Anyone who has ever wanted drugs has been able to obtain them. And, let's face it, if these idiots want to kill themselves, we'll let them. It will be a form of population control while also serving as a survival-of-the-fittest, weeding-out-the-rubbish kinda thing. PLUS, a few other benefits - as explained below.

So, here's what we do: Manufacture all the drugs and package them with umpteen warning labels informing them of all possible and probable side effects, thus preventing any form of litigation . .. if only those poor bastards at the tobacco companies had done this. We then distribute them to the stores and tax the buddha out of them. I'm thinking 50% sounds like a good number, but if we wanna really stick it to 'em, we can always do 75%. This should allow us to eliminate all property taxes immediately and, over time, income taxes.

Yes, we will probably lose some to shop-lifting (though, this can be minimized by locking them up as we do the cigarettes and, heavens save us, the Tylenol Sinus) and to general theft, but the high tax rate should cover these losses as well.

See, it's all planned out. I don't see why this can't work! Please, if you have some ideas of why it wouldn't or couldn't, let me know and we can discuss them. I look forward to trouble-shooting this master plan.


Jon said...

I agree. There's untold money to be made from it. I'd say just start off with pot, *which I still believe is safer than alcohol, even though I don't smoke it anymore*, and let's see how it goes.

downtown guy said...

If the taxes drive the prices of drugs higher than or even comparable to street prices, people will just continue to buy them illegally. You'd be able to tax them, but you'd have to keep it worth someone's while.