Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm only happy when it rains, you want to hear about my new obsession

Since it's the 73rd consecutive day of rainfall, I've decided to put those many boards of wood in my garage (originally intended to build shelving for both the garage and storage rooms) to better use: An ark.

Do not mistake this as a complaint. I wake each morning hoping for another dreary day. Being self-employed it's difficult to remain motivated to stay at work. I spent a vast majority of the summer working 1/2 and 2/3 days because it was just too perfect a day to spend toiling for the masses. I needed to be at the lake, on a boat, sipping margaritas and beer so cold it had ice crystals in it. I needed to be at baseball games, sweating my ass off but laughing, cheering and smiling with friends. I needed . . . to be thinking more about my steadily declining checking account.

Unfortunately, the rapidly cooling days drive me to other pleasurable pursuits. I see the sun shining and feel the chilled breezes and begin to think "Oh! I need to be out hiking!" or "What a perfect weekend for camping! Let's make it a four-day weekend!" So the rain has been a blessing. A deterrent. A bolsterer of checking accounts. And I can only hope it continues on.

Let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain.

(Except on Saturdays. No one enjoys sitting at a college football stadium in the cold rain.)

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