Monday, October 05, 2009

Running on Empty

My anti-social tendencies are showing again. I spent the majority of the day ignoring all e-mails, texts and phone calls that were not directly related to work. Hoping against all hope that I could complete my day and arrive home to enjoy a night of silence and solitude.

While I will admit to generally being a person who enjoys alone time, it's rare that I need it so desperately. It has, however, dawned on me that I haven't been alone, truly alone, in well over two weeks. The days have been spent toiling at work and the nights have been crammed with dinners, cocktails, picnics, birthday planning sessions, several concerts, impromptu road-trips and various other social occasions that thoroughly ignored my craving for brief periods of isolation.

This weekend alone consisted of a mad dash home on Friday afternoon to ready myself for an early dinner followed by an astounding concert before returning home at 2 A.M. to find a car in my driveway and a friend in need of a sympathetic ear. The counseling session wrapped around 7 leaving me just enough time to shower and begin Saturday's mad-dash including a birthday brunch and breaking the land-speed record to make it to Dallas in time for the Arkansas vs. Texas A & M football game.

As though Friday and Saturday weren't quite full enough, what was a wonderful, thoughtful gift initially turned into more of a headache because dates weren't checked and few people grasp that football season is a terrible time for any surprise outtings with me. Countless weeks ago tickets had been purchased for a St. Louis Cardinals game on Sunday afternoon. Due to the Arkansas game being in Dallas and my abhorrence of all things requiring my body to be more than 7 feet above ground, we had to make a 6 hour drive home at 11 P.M. Saturday followed by a 4 A.M. wake time for another 6 hour drive to ensure our arrival for the 1 P.M. game Sunday afternoon.

A more intelligent human being would have taken a personal day today. But I never claimed to be intelligent. Instead, I worked a solid 9 hours on a paltry 2 hours of sleep following a hectic 7 hour return drive (traffic was a nightmare) home after the game.

I'm thinking I may take tomorrow off.

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