Sunday, October 11, 2009

Well there's a feeling in the air, just like a Friday afternoon

Sleeping with the windows open on the first cold night, waking up with goosebumps, reaching down for that extra comforter that's spent months unused at the foot of your bed. Gloves, heavy wool coats, hot cocoa slowly sipped at football games that leave you hoarse the next day. Skies that begin to darken earlier and earlier each evening. Tall suede boots, long pretty scarves, frost crystals sparkling in the morning sun. Thick down sleeping bags, bright burning fires, brown gooey marshmallows melting the chocolate between two graham crackers. The promise of snow . . . or, in some places, the neverending hope of it. Team rankings, bowl games, shirtless fanatics shivering in nothing but team color paint. Memories of him. Of us. Autumn falling into winter.

This is my time of year.

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